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Pose Method® of Running Drill Booklet

Pose Method® of Running Drill Booklet

  • $ 995


All the running drills from this booklet and more exercises are now available in video format online!

Check out Beginner's Guide to Pose Running


Pose Running Drills booklet will assist you with drills and exercises when you are away from your home and your player. It's a handy booklet that has detailed descriptions and explanations of the drills necessary to perfect the running technique.


Learn the method the pros are talking about! Highly recommended for runners and any coach who wants to stay on the cutting edge of the latest research in the field of running technique!

This booklet was created as a companion booklet for Pose Method of Running. Though it is helpful without the video, we recommend buying the video and the booklet together.

This booklet comes packaged with the Pose Method DVD. (If you're ordering a DVD, DO NOT order this booklet.)

3 sections of various running drills

13 Drills - Basic Biomechanics

14 Drills - Basic Jumps

8 Drills - Advanced Jumps

9 Drills - "Drill to run" incorporation


  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 25
  • ISBN: 0-9725537-4-6
  • Pose Press

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