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Pose Method® of Running

Pose Method® of Running

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The Pose Method® of Running by Dr.Romanov is a book that offers clear and precise instruction on HOW TO RUN. Not only does it tell you what to do, it teaches you why it should be done that way and how to do it.

The Pose running technique is currently the only running technique in the world, scientifically proven to reduce impact on knees by 50%.

It is also the only running technique that can be learnt and taught as a system, a complete package with rules, instructions, unique drills and exercises.

Based on 40 years of research and tireless work, Dr. Romanov's running technique is a unique system that paved the way for some of the running styles known today. Introduced to America in the early 90's, it was used in Russia since the mid 70's. Today the Pose running technique is used around the world by both champions and amateurs alike, as well as medical and health professionals.

If improved performance and injury-free running are your goals then this book is a must! A must have for coaches, athletes and joggers everywhere.


"Dr. Romanov´s Pose Method® of Running was exactly what my athletes needed to improve their performance."
- Jan Olesinski
Director of Olympic Development Clinics For Modern Pentathlon

The POSE Method® will help you to:
  • Radically change your form
  • Eliminate Injuries
  • Enhance Endurance
  • Raise Speed
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Coordination

Cover: Paperback
Pages: 315
ISBN: 0-9725537-6-2
Published: Pose Press

Available in Czech

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