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Dr. Romanov's Training Essays Vol.I

Dr. Romanov's Training Essays Vol.I

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Expert Advice In Layman Terms

A collection of Dr.Romanov's Training articles on various running and training related topics. This book is the result of various lengthy discussions of our forum attendees of hot conceptual issues, the Pose Method, its techniques, methods of learning/teaching and training, athletes' recovery and post injury rehabilitation.

This volume includes a previously unpublished 10 page article on flexibility.

"'Training Essays', unlike traditional sport books, offered answers to the hottest questions and explained their deep underlining logical interrelationships. ... This book consists of only very important thoughts without any filler text. That's why it's so easy to read and the author's thoughts and conclusions are easy to digest and comprehend."

Dr. Andrey Pianzin,
Dean of Physical Education Faculty of Chuvash State Pedagogical University
Cheboksary, Russia
  • Find out the #1 cause of majority of running related injuries
  • Find out how to avoid overuse injuries
  • Learn the truth about orthotics
  • Learn how to treat and prevent Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis
  • Learn about flexibility and it's role in running
  • Find out how to recover faster after marathons and much more...!!!

"Training Essays" is

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Packed with helpful graphics and illustrations
  • 244 pages of expert opinion on various topics
  • 61 chapters of a new look at old problems

Includes illustrations of:

  • perception drills
  • strength recovery exercises
  • ITB rehabilitation exercises



Cover: Paperback
Pages: 244
Published: Pose Tech Press

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