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Online Video Training & Education


Train any time any place with our Online Video Series. As long as you have your phone or iPad and an internet connection – you can work on your running technique or prepare for that 5K or 10K that you’ve been thinking about!

Try FREE for 14 days the 1st Online Video Training subscription service in sports industry. No more wondering if you’re doing the exercises and drills right. See the running drills and strength exercises and do them right, see the flexibility routine and follow along. You will get the training plans and the visual instructions all in one package.

Our pioneering Online Video Series that started in 2005 continues to bring you the essence of complicated subjects like biomechanics, injuries & training in quick, easy segments.

  • try FREE for 14 days
  • $4.99 /month
  • 7 video programs
  • unsubscribe any time
  • over 500 HD videos
  • access to new videos
  • view on any device
  • online access 24/7

For $4.99 a month you will receive unlimited access to all 7 programs!

  1. Beginner's Guide to Pose Running
  2. 10K Prep
  3. 5K Prep
  4. Flexibility Training
  5. Strength Training
  6. Speed Development
  7. Agility Training

 You will also automatically receive access to ALL UPCOMING video programs when they become available!


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