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Pose Method® of Running

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Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the Russian sport science professor and British National Triathlon team coach, teaches you how to run easier, faster, safer with his pioneering Pose Method® of Running Video. Pose Method® will show you how to run efficiently and save energy, how to run faster following natural biomechanic patterns of movement, and how to run injury free with this incredible, simple technique.

An hour long educational video lesson which has a complete theory presentation with computer animation, real-life footage from the camps all over the country, both with professionals and novices, and more than half an hour of specific Pose Method® drills and exercises. The exercises take you through the method step by step so that you can actually learn standing in front of your VCR/DVD player.

A companion Drill Booklet that comes with this edition of Pose Method® of Running Video will assist you with drills and exercises when you are away from your home and your VCR/DVD player. It's a handy booklet that has detailed descriptions and explanations of the drills necessary to perfect the running technique.

Whether you run to win, stay in shape or to relieve stress, this video is for you! Regardless of the level at which you run, the Pose Method® will help you. Used by professional athletes, it is invaluable to any runner, from recreational to keen amateur, and from the sprinter to the marathoner.

What an average runner can expect after studying this training video:
  • Radically improved form
  • Increased speed
  • Better endurance
  • Less injuries
  • Increased flexibility
  • Faster recovery time
  • Improved concentration

  • Run Time: 60 min
  • Format: DVD / DVD-Rom (Universal - all zones)
  • ISBN: 0-9725537-7-0
  • Pose Method, Inc